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Sandbox Play is a sandbox game about constructing and demolishing structures. Offering multiple block types as well as multiple physics properties you may apply to each object. Building anything from houses and simple bridges to majestic walls is up to you, the player.

NOTE: Physics can only be applied to the world after you've saved your map. When enabled, every object placed becomes physically active.

Current game combines elements from Minecraft and Medieval Engineers.

Recommended requirements:
-Dual-core CPU
-Dedicated graphics with 512MB of VRAM (Dx9)
-Screen resolution 1024x628 or larger
-250MB of free RAM
-100MB of free HDD

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Published93 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, blocks, Destruction, First-Person, Physics, Sandbox
Player countSingleplayer


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is there a way to get new maps?

Not yet but I am working on a map sharing feature right now.

lol this is just a copy of minecraft isn't it.Look amazing though

I'd consider it more of a mashup between Minecraft and Medieval Engineers.


Hi! Thanks for your game, it's pretty awesome! Since I'm not very good at building, I was wanting to know if you plan on file sharing of player made maps so we can enjoy destroying each others creations? Because I'm pretty good at that! lol

I am actually working on this! I'm experiencing some trouble making a menu for it because there is no direct way of displaying a list of available maps. It will use the GameJolt API but unregistered users (like people on itch.io) will also be able to access and upload maps under a nickname with some protection in mind. I don't have a release date planned though.

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I did a video on this game! Sadly, there wasnt much footage with the game being mostly building, but the destruction was kept in!

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Thank you, I love every single video made for my game! I plan to add a lot of things to it in the future.


so good

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Okay thanks for info learned something new on obs, this is updated gameplay with good fps

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The first thing that comes to my mind, the software you're using to record is taking up all the GPU power. I have a nvidia 820M which is way slower than your GTX 960 (M). I recorded the trailer on this computer and the only framedrop I saw was in the first section where it dipped to around 20-ish. I would suggest Open Broadcast Software as it has almost no impact on performance. Software like Bandicam completely choke my graphics card and I didn't get more than 5 fps while recording.

You might also look into your processor if it's running at 100% constantly. The game relies on PhysX by Nvidia which can be done either on the CPU or the GPU.

I hope you understand there is no other explanation as to why your 960, which is at least 3x faster than mine, is running it at an unreasonable framerate.

Thnx for the post I need to look into it. I have dell 7559 i5 Intel Core i5-6300HQ

You should definitely be able to run it on highest without a problem. There was another person reporting problems but since the 0.5.3 update, he said it's okay.

I have older version of open broadcaster i looked at the task manager and the cpu goes to 100% thats why

it was actually my setting inside obs well anyways thanks for looking out.

Good to know it wasn't my game running that slow :)


I have a GTX 1070, and it ran fine :)

I would be doing something terribly wrong if it ran slow on your computer xD

Hey will you be updating this?

Really like it and so do all my friends

Yes, there is a list of features I am planning to add in the long run. I'm also doing regular updates, roughly once a month to keep it fresh.

Good game! nice work!