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Sandbox Play is a sandbox game about constructing and demolishing structures. Offering multiple block types as well as multiple physics properties you may apply to each object. Building anything from houses and simple bridges to majestic walls is up to you, the player.

NOTE: Physics can only be applied to the world after you've saved your map. When enabled, every object placed becomes physically active.

Current game combines elements from Minecraft and Medieval Engineers.

Recommended requirements:
-Dual-core CPU
-Dedicated graphics with 512MB of VRAM (Dx9)
-Screen resolution 1024x628 or larger
-250MB of free RAM
-100MB of free HDD

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Published176 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, blocks, Destruction, First-Person, Physics, Sandbox
Player countSingleplayer


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You should add people that either just walk around or break the buildings, so like you can put them in a tower while people attack, with ragdoll physics. (Sorry if im asking for too much)

that would be pretty cool actually(:

The current status of the game isn't a battle simulator - that's what I think you're trying to say. I will first refine the game as is then I consider other game modes. Adding block types, textures, terrains and better performance is my main focus since the 0.6.0 update.

How do you change controls? Im used to the up = space and down = shift controls of minecraft and various other sandbox games, but i cant seem to figure out how to modify the controls. Reply soon would be appreaciated!

None yet but I will add some if users want them. Right now they're set to a standard form. Because I had to have a key moving you down aswell I couldn't use space for moving up unfortunately as that would create confusion.

Confusion how? Space for up and LShift for down are basic flight controls in most games, such as minecraft and others.

Space could be a second key for going up but shift is reserved for faster movement. I will consider adding control binding now that you mention it. That'll solve all the problems hopefully.

This is super fun! I'm only disappointed that you can't destroy the ground. Maybe physics would be disabled until it comes into contect with shrapnel or a bomb itself? Maybe as a toggleable setting for those with lower-end computers.

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Please try "Experimental physics" in the Options section. This feature activates an object when it's either blown up or the forces applied to it are greater than the force holding it in place, greatly increasing the performance.

Other than that you can turn Physics quality to either minimum or one from that, you'll get reasonable quality and best performance.

Thanks, but I was talking about ground physics-maybe add those characteristics to ground tiles so I could blow those up too

Ah. That would be nice but even if they only became active on explosions, it would still be way too intensive to simulate them. It is already hard to find a computer that can run the game with the current status. I'm running an i5 and can't get a steady fps when there's a lot of action. The wall map is great at stressing your computer to see what frames you can expect.

Okay cool. Good game!

I can't wait!

Is GameJolt map sharing working yet?

Yes it is. It takes up to a few seconds to the maps in the dropdown list.

Awesome. Love the game dude!


You need a pretty powerful computer to run the game.

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how do i play the game?

i dont no how to get in the game


most of the games on this page are only .exe files so you have to go into your files and open up the on the belongs to this this game then once you opened it there should be two files, click twice on the one that says sandbox play


Like your game, I hope it would be more interesting if we could share maps! I love blowing up people's maps! I have made a gameplay, uploading!

everything in unity is raw


What do you mean by "raw" ?

he means rubbish

Please add something like "reset" button its very anoying when i destroy bulding and i need to load it again besides this its great game

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Thanks for the suggestion, I just added this as a "Edit map" option which reloads the current map. It's not yet available because I'm also working on map sharing through the GameJolt API and it still has some bugs.


Hello,slojanko, I am the owner of the YouTube channel TrollFace Gaming and I would love to create a review of your work-in-progress. I can't wait to play it, and I think it would be great for your publicity. I'd obviously leave a link to Sandbox Plays in the description of my video. Thank you for your time!( Uploadin)

Did u create the game

The lack of limit of the game is not online

I'm working on online map sharing. Creating a map with someone in real-time probably wont' be added though.

I was trying to make a giant person but for some reason it kept spawning huge amounts of blocks and i never got past making the legs,Is there anyway to bypass this glitch?

Can you tell me the steps you did? The only way for a large amount of blocks to spawn is if you hold your right mouse button down, drag and then release.


you just got lagged bruh but are you lagging?


Very good project.


what are the controls?

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You can view the controls in Options under Controls.

Are you able to get texure packs yet? If so how?

There's no way of sharing texture packs at the moment unless you contact the creator and ask him to send it to you. Currently I'm working on online map sharing which is taking quite long, unfortunately.

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ok thanks

p.s. I love the game it runs great on my computer as long as I don't place more than 100 blocks

also can you add another block

Tell me what shape should it be and I'll consider it.

is there a way to get new maps?

Not yet but I am working on a map sharing feature right now.


lol this is just a copy of minecraft isn't it.Look amazing though

I'd consider it more of a mashup between Minecraft and Medieval Engineers.

YES YES YES. I loved medieval engineers but it was hard on my laptop. With a few tweaks to the settings I was able to run this amazingly and I must say I love just as much.


Hi! Thanks for your game, it's pretty awesome! Since I'm not very good at building, I was wanting to know if you plan on file sharing of player made maps so we can enjoy destroying each others creations? Because I'm pretty good at that! lol

I am actually working on this! I'm experiencing some trouble making a menu for it because there is no direct way of displaying a list of available maps. It will use the GameJolt API but unregistered users (like people on itch.io) will also be able to access and upload maps under a nickname with some protection in mind. I don't have a release date planned though.

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I did a video on this game! Sadly, there wasnt much footage with the game being mostly building, but the destruction was kept in!

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Thank you, I love every single video made for my game! I plan to add a lot of things to it in the future.


oh look! the video doesnt exist!

so good

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